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Article 40 The employer must provide the employee who acts as a forklift driver. Trained on the use of each type of forklift Forklift driving safety Forklift inspection and maintenance

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Forklift driving Training

Practice forklift safe driving and Maintenance

Forklifts, used for moving objects, products, equipment in various industries or bringing it to move objects in a short distance.Forklifts have evolved a lot so operators need to learn how to safely drive and operate forklifts.

Forklift Training + COVID 19 Measures

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7 important for safety driving

1. Forklift safety driving with consciousness

2. Laws and standards related to forklift driving

3. Fork lift driving Accident

4. Forklifts readiness Inspection before driving

5. Rules for driving forklifts conform with international standards

6. Forklift Maintenance

7. Practice and test for forklift driver’s license. 

Forklift maintenance and driving professional Techniques

  • Daily engine inspection.
  • Signaling for blind corners
  • Curved mirrors at intersections
  • How to insert and angles to lift product
  • Daily inspection.
  • Forklift drivers must be trained and have license.
  • Weight calculating technique for  lifted for safety.
  • Various warning signs as international standards

Special 30% 

In house course

77 provinces throughout Thailand

  • No more than 40 people in class
  • Time duration 1 day( 6 hours 
  • Certificates to all trainees 

Proper proportion of courses designed to intensely train and Practice

0% Practical
Teaching standards with emphasizes practicality
to 70%

All teaching content is recognized by leading national organizations. Trained can practice effectively accurate and safe

Fork lift safety Driving

Learning how to drive forklift and various types of forklifts correctly and safely. Practice with professional instructors. Learn techniques for forklift inspection before use and maintaining to be able to efficiency usage.

Forklift driving for different types courses

International standards for forklifts safe driving, inspection and maintenance.

  • Engine forklift training
  • Electric forklift training
  • Standing forklifts training
  • Electric stacker forklift training
  • Hand pallet truck training
  • Boom lift training
  • Scissor lifts training
  • Forklift Container  (Reach Stacker) training
  • Backhoe training
  • Wheel loaders and trackers training
  • Hammering, pressing and drilling machines training

Techniques and methods for forklifts driving

Professional safe driving different types of forklifts.

  • Properly parking
  • Forklifts Driving in narrow corner

What types of forklifts?

Different types of forklifts can be divided into several types as usage.

General engine Type

Learn professional driving and handling techniques. Also, how to forklifts inspect  before daily use.

Type of electric standing forklift

Standard standing forklift are both stand-up and semi-ride driven. Learn how to safely and maintain driving

Sample for In-House Training

Practice how to work with different types of forklifts, standing forklifts, trucks, professional safe driving techniques.

Learning forklifts inspect  and maintain for efficiency performance. Practice different driving techniques

Registration for Public

For employees , students, people who interested  to apply  job or study abroad

Public Course

2,500 THB / Person


What would have been the end of training.

Official a certification Fork lift training 


** Certificates that was issued just temporary certificate.
** When covid situation get well. Trainees must to practice for got full certificate by free of charge.

Certificate after training complete

Occupational Safety Officer Course for Chief, Executive and CDC level.

Certificate after training complete

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