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Confined space Training courseExpert trainers Service for working in confined spaces.

Confined Space Training is?

At present, found cause of fatal from confined spaces working was worker and employers be uneducated of working in confined spaces properly. As result, work does not have sufficient protection methods. Law been announced for establishment with a confined space must to comply with the terms, conditions and methods By providing worker who working in confined spaces must undergo training will be allowed to work. Currently, laws gives priority and strictly controls safety of working in confined spaces. Employer, whether it is company or contractor must to strictly comply with regulations and laws. Work in confined spaces training must study details of training in working in confined spaces thoroughly. In order to be able to do properly as law has announced and continue to enforce. See details of training arrangements as below.

Team trainer Services

In-House Training Course

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Training Periods

Theoretical section
Practical section
Total ( not less than)
Training duration
1 day
2 days continuously
3 days continuously
2 days continuously
4 people Course***
4 days continuously
Review Course
≥ 3
3 hrs continuously

** Trainees must pass initial legal firefighting course. View fire fighting training courses >

** Contractors are required to retrain practical training every time they change workplaces.

Review confined spaces online training just 3 hrs.

**Documents required
1. Evidence of Basic firefighting training.
2. Expired certificate.

Due to covid pandemic, The Department of Welfare has announced guidelines for training and reviewing safety in working in confined spaces. June 1, 2021 Download announcement >

Certificate after training complete

Learning new techniques as professionally with guidelines for compliance with laws.

Strictly practice with real equipment as international standards.

Professional instructor + Direct experience from petrochemical group.

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How to use Air Monitor + Flammable + Toxic Substances

Learn how to use professional weather monitoring equipment. Can use it properly and safely (Multi Gas Detector).

  • Air (oxygen) measurement techniques
  • Flammable Substance Detection Technique (LEL-UEL)
  • Toxic gas detection techniques
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Measurement Technique

Starting point of learning Confined space maintenance technician as Professional.

Various maintenance work in confined spaces Technicians must have knowledge and skills to use tools and equipment to work. It is necessary to learn how to use it properly and safely. Confined spaces training and create working plan, practice planning work to analyze hazards of working in confined spaces.

Tripod Usage

One of the most important equipment in confined space and rescue work. Students learn how to use Tripod and how to assemble a safety pulley. Practice installation and use every step of the way.

  • Installation and usage
  • Equipment involved in rescue work
  • Techniques for installing rescue hoists
  • Learn about international standards for using Tripods
  • How to maintain equipment used in confined spaces

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In-house Confined spaces Training as new Law 2021

Teach the basics of working in confined spaces from beginning to be able to operate properly and safely.

100% Pratical

Required to practice with real confined work equipment under closely take care by team of instructors.

Learn how to rescue in confined spaces and emergency drills.

Able to respond accurately and safely to emergencies in confined spaces.

Techniques for using SCBA

Helping injured in confined space with important techniques that can help injured quickly and safely.

Work as professional team

Team rescue practice and international standard methods for helping injured people in confined spaces.

Occupational Safety Officer Course for Chief, Executive and CDC level.

with certificate after training.

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