Crane TrainingWorking with Overhead Crane Course

Crane training Crane training Training for 4 people means the operator, the signal provider, the material holder, the crane operator

Might to many people have question. Who needs to train Overhead crane or crane? And what’s that training? began from with objectives of training courses on working with Overhead crane/cranes. Requirement from Laws that company or operators who work with Overhead cranes (crane) have to pass training course to work with Overhead cranes/cranes . What is each section can look through details as below. The principle of Overhead cranes/crane training is divided into 2 types: Work with mobile Overhead cranes/cranes and those who work with stationary Overhead cranes/cranes. 2 types of training courses are different. Therefore employers must check carefully what kind of Overhead cranes/crane that operate. In order to providing employees for training as law and must have completed  certificate.
Related new laws in case you are interested.

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Overhead Crane Course, New standard

Crane operators training , Crane drivers

Fundamental Teaching + Practice correctly

Signalers (SIGNAL MAN)

" So, Signaler Understanding signaling techniques that crane operators can operate safely.”

Many times, found Accidents in working with Overhead crane/cranes are caused by incorrect signaling from signalers. That makes work confusing and leads to accidents. Signaling to work signaler must to have  understanding of international gestures including  same pattern as team or Overhead crane/crane operator. Employees who working with Overhead crane/cranes need to learn techniques be able to work safely.

Learn how to use a sling

Learn how to use lifting equipment. Methods for inspecting different types of slings. Checking lifting chain and calculation load of sling as safely.

Learning technique of cranes operates

Teaching techniques to operate and control Overhead crane/crane safely and correctly. Students known important steps in cranes operates as international standards.

Field practice 2nd day

Students have practicality every step with team of trainers that give advice and take care closely.

Special 30% 

In House course

77 provinces throughout Thailand.

- Thai Course
- English Course

  • No more than 20 people in class

  • Time duration 2 days (12 hours)

  • Certificates to all trainees

Proper proportion of courses designed to intensely train and practice.

0% practical
Teaching standards with emphasizes practicality
to 70%

All teaching content is recognized by leading national organizations. Trained can practice effectively accurate and safe.

Working with Overhead Crane Course conform with Laws

Overhead Crane Operator Training Course, high leg crane and other types of stationary cranes / Crane operators of tower cranes, cars, boats type/Review of working with Overhead crane/cranes 

Crane Operator Course (Hiab)

Mobile Crane Operator Course relaying professional and safe lifting techniques.

  •  Hiab driver.
  • Mobile crane driver.
  • All types of mobile crane drivers.

Piling Operator in construction

How to operate and control piles in construction correctly and safely.

  • Piling machine operator.
  • Tower crane operator.

Loaders and working with machines training course

Services for machine operators, loaders, excavators training to be able to work safely.

  •  Training drivers for excavators, loaders.
  • Training machine operators.

Crane driver training

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Mobile cranes, Constructor and general.

Construction Cranes

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Mobile cranes, Constructor and general.

Registration for Public

For employees , students, people who interested  to apply  job or study abroad.


4,500 THB / Person

Official a certification Crane training .

Certificate after training complete

Occupational Safety Officer Course for Chief, Executive and CDC level.

Certificate after training complete

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