serveCheck the fire alarm system (Fire alarm system) Check the alarm system by a team of professional engineers according to international standards Along with issuing certification reports and suggestions to improve the equipment to be used safely.

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Fire alarm system inspection services

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Annual Inspection


Discount 30%
Check fire alarm control panel
Check heat detector
Check smoke detector
Check manual station
Check alarm bell
Modernly Equipment

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Preventive maintenance

Discount 30%
Device cleaning
Control panel battery replacement
PM Control cabinet
PM Smoke detector
PM Heat detector
PM Emergency equipment lockers

Additional service


Discount 30%
Emergency exit Installation
Emergency lighting Installation
Emergency equipment repair
Free after service
Speedy and inexpensive

Documents in audited was prescribed with the standards of Engineering Institute of Thailand or NFPA involved in audit and certification.

Standards of Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT Standard)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Perfectly inspected by professional team as comply as international standards

Fire alarm equipments was calibration as  TIS 17025 (ISO/IEC 17025). The standardized display made it possible to set maintenance plan for problem solving and save costs

Control Panel

  • Check cable (Mainboard, Cards, Terminal).
  • Check power supply (VAC.) and (VDC.) current.
  • Check battery polarity and efficiency.
  • Check and test screen status of LED. 
  • Check switch on control panel.
  • Check functional of fire alarm system.
  • Clean for ready-to-use.

"Control panel has been maintained to be fully operational again."

Return to usable condition

Did you know what about fire alarm system and what equipment does it have ?

Professional Team

Working process as international standards

About Safesiri Team>

Push button defective

We never know each notification button will be able to work normally? Therefore, monthly test and checked was necessories. Push button may be damaged such as a spring is worning out or the push-button pin is broken from the inside.

The signal is ringing itself ?

Mostly causes of fire alarm equipment malfunctions from not cleaned until dust accumulates or insects, spiders into and damage the device.

Fire Alarm System Checklist

Scope of support

Check fire Alarm Control Panel, status, Function.
Check Smoke Detector
Check heat detector
Check Fire Alarm (Combination Box)
Check Manual Station)
Check Projected Beam Detectors
Check and test sound and loudness of fire alarm(Bell).
Check electrical system, leaks
Check Battery 24 VDC and Battery Charger.
Check lamp and LED Lamp device.
Check condition of FCP – Control Panel

Let your fire alarm system

It has been checked by experts

Nationwide service

PM Reporting
Issue fire alarm check and test report

In green check mark as above chart , that mean our scope of work without additional cost. In different may be certain some conditions. Customers can direct contact our staff before take a services.

Is your area hard to access ?

New our service in rappelling to inspect equipment that is high and difficult to access Safesiri have provide new our service in rappelling to inspect equipment that is high and difficult to access Safesiri have provide 

  • Up to 50% Save no need to rent boom lift and driver.
  • Safe in accordance with international standards
  • Quickly, time saving for move goods while checking.
  • Unlimited access to all areas with special techniques
  • Team was certified for international abseiling training.
Photo of Abseiling for maintain smoke detector
Photo of Abseiling for test smoke detector
Photo of Abseiling for test smoke detector
Photo of Abseiling for check beam detector at 23 meter

Standard Equipment

Equipment for fire alarm system checking as modern as international standards with calibration according to TIS 17025 standard (ISO/IEC 17025)

Fire alarm system check

Special discount 30%

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Quality management standard ISO 9001:2015

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