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New Course 2021

Electrical work Training

Beginning of professional electrician

Over 10,000 professional electricians learning with Safe Siri in 2021. Techniques for working with electricity, electrical system maintenance, safety inspect before starting work.

“Safety course in electrical work”

Learn how to work with electricity correctly and safely as standards. Insights on techniques for working with electrical systems. Employees should to work with electricity professionally and safely as required by law.

Learn how to isolate electrical system

Learn process of isolating power system. From beginning to practice with wide range of power isolate devices. 

Power system isolation is >


Simulation of process of electrical isolation and proper maintenance of the electrical system with trainer to closely advice.

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Learn causes and prevention of electrical hazards and PPE. Learn about safety laws in electrical work and basically knowledge of electrical systems.

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Training courses are laws requirement .

Ministerial Regulations Prescribing Standards for the Management and Operations of Occupational Safety, Health and Working Environment B.E. 2558 must have training period at least 3 hrs and must have at least as following.

Safety law

Electrical safety laws and basic knowledge of electrical systems

  • Basic knowledge of Electrical.
  • Standards for working on electricity.
  • Electrical inspection, Dangers from working with electrical systems.
  • Danger prevention and management.
  • Risk control in electrical work
  • Standard electrical equipment
  • Isolation electrical system
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First Aid

providing assistance to victims of electrical and “First Aid “learn how to perform CPR resuscitation as international standards with a mannequins and practice with real equipment.

Causes and dangers of electricity

Causes and dangers that occur from working with electricity.

Electrical training online 30% off

Basic electrical training. Course on working with electricity.

In-house courses, Nationwide services in Thailand.

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