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Fire pump system inspection service all types of fire pumps. Fire pump performance test as NFPA standards by export engineers. And issuing a report to certify recommendations for improving fire suppression system able to use safely.

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Fire extinguisher system inspection

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Annual Inspection


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NFPA Standard
EIT Standard
Fire extinguisher performance test
Modernly Equipment
ISO 9001

Documents in audited was prescribed with the standards of Engineering Institute of Thailand or NFPA involved in audit and certification.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Preventive maintenance

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PM fire extinguisher as standard
PM fire pump room
PM fire extinguisher equipment
PM storage room, fire extinguisher and other
Replace lubricant
Clean electrical equipment

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Installation Maintain


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Fire pump Installation as NFPA
Repair fire hose lines
Install electrical in control fire extinguishing system
Repaint fire hose lines
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Quality assurance

The best after service Guarantee installation quality inspection, and maintain as international standards.

Performance Test

Rated capacity at rated pressure at water delivery rate 140% of flow rate as NFPA20

8 Items to check the fire extinguishing system

  • Check fire pump room
  • Check the fire pump control board.
  • Check power supply equipment and fire extinguishing system.
  • Suppression fire pump
  • Piping systems, valves and metering systems
  • Fire hose and related equipment
  • Check and test fire hoses
  • Check temperature and heat in the system.

Standard Equipments

In addition of professional team, Inspection equipments  are also calibrated and certified from TIS 17025 (ISO/IEC 17025)

PM Report
Engine rpm tester
Electric current meter
Thermo scanner
Digital Battery Analyzer
Volt meter
Water pressure test gauge high pressure
Flow rate tester (Flowmeter)

Fire Pump Performance Test

According to the performance test. NFPA 20 standard defines fire pumps characteristics as  Fire pump must to supply water pressure  at the rated flow rate (Rated Capacity) at pressure (Rated Pressure) at water supply rate 140% of  flow rate

Standards of Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT Standard)

Maintenance of fire hose lines

Confidential information is stored on the best security server system.

NFPPA Installation

Confidential information is stored on the best security server system.

Fire Pump System Test and Checklist

Scope of support

Check Control Fire Pump System.
Check current and voltage in the system.
Check Temperature of fire extinguishing equipment with Thermo Scan camera.
Check light switches at various points on fire pump control panel.
Check the lamps indicator of fire extinguishing system and control panel.
Check the normality Function of fire pump control panel.
Check fire pump installation is it meets the standard.
Check the operation and stop system fire pump (Start – Stop).
Check the performance of Jockey Pump.
Inspect the fire extinguishing system.
Performance Test
Performance test of fire pumps conform to international standards.
Measure fire-fighting water pressure at different flow rates.
Prepare graph to showing results of ratio between pressure – flow rate (Plot graph) and make improvement plan
PM Reporting
Issue fire extinguishing system check and test report.

In green check mark as above chart , that mean our scope of work without additional cost. In different may be certain some conditions. Customers can direct contact our staff before take a services.

Annual inspection of fire extinguishing system and issuing certification report by professional and advise for improving system to high efficiency and safety.

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