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The dangers noise Training

Noise Prevention Course

Workplace has noise level at which employees are exposed to 8 hrs of work more than 85 dBA. Hearing conservation programs must be established in workplace and must be taken to prevent employees from being harmed by loud noise.

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In-house training course

Learning about dangers of working in noisy production processes.Techniques for preventing danger from noise.Customers can plan and set training as their convenience.

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Noise control Procedure

Learn techniques for controlling noise in working as international standards such as source noise control techniques by engineering management improve noise problem of source or noise control  with modern materials and and various techniques  that students will learn in the classroom.

Noise means

Sound that is so loud, that it is dangerous to auditory system.  The labor law stipulates that average worker is noise level must be controlled all working hours in day (Time weighted Average-TWA)  not exceed limit prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation.

Noise over 85 dB (A)

Workplace has noise level at which employees are exposed to 8 hrs of work more than 85 dBA. Hearing conservation programs must be established in workplace as the rules and procedures prescribed by the Director-General.

Protection - noise

How do we prevent our employees from deteriorating from work or from occupational diseases? When  conducting annual medical examination  in many company that have such problem.This could be for many reasons such as working areas is noisy or because the measures are not effective enough.  Training on dangers of noise students will learn in detail how to manage and prevent various types of noise detaily such as  method to prevent danger from noise as international standards 

1. Noise controlling method engineering.

2. Noise Controlling path.

3.  Using of personal protective equipment.

Students  are understanding of working with  noise safely and  and  how to set appropriate measures to prevent danger from noise.

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What are difference between ear plugs and ear muffs?

Law in Thailand define the safety of working environment must not exceed 90 dB(A) of continuous noise level for employees.

Dangers from noise

Employee health screening

Occupational disease caused by noise

International Training Course

Learning how to prevention dangers related of working with noise and practicing personal protective equipment (PPE).

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    40 person/class

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