First aid and CPRFirst Aid course

What is First aid ?

First aid is necessary that all employees in company should be trained for prepare to any emergency. Sometimes we found accidents occur at work, but colleagues or sightseer are unable to help victims immediately. Cause of fatal of  injured such as incident where a colleagues stops breathing during work. Their are unable to assist or perform CPR because they have not training how to perform heart pumps or CPR. The First Aid course, Learning over 40 rescue methods,  practice with real equipment to do correctly with instructors to advice and take care closely.

An officially authorized

Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

License number Jor Por. 63 – 010

Entrusted from leading customers

First Aid and CPR training course

Learning and practical basic first aid over 40 rescue methods

2019-2020,Over 10,000 customers in industrial , companies, government agencies, service workers and students in university, schools started learning first aid correctly as international principles with Sefsiri. Learn how to help different types of injured, learn how to resuscitate by perform CPR and how to use AED properly.  

CPR Training + COVID 19 Measures

New Improved Course

“International standard equipment with students imagination. Felling in classroom is filled with fun.”

  • Injury Assessments 40 items.
  • First Aid for emergency patients
  • First aid for patients with various  wounds.
  • Helping broken bone patients. Helping drowning patients.
  • Assisting electric shock patients.
  • First aid equipment. 
  • CPR perform and AED machinery.
  • Group Practice.

International standard courses worldwide entrusted.

“Team of instructors with direct experience in rescue and emergency management from Petrochemical Industry, Oil and Gas, who will relaying techniques for responding to injured victims in various correctly and safely as international standards. ”

Special 30% 

In house course

77 provinces Throughout Thailand

- Thai Course
- English Course

  • No more than 40 people in class
  • Time duration 1 day(6 hours)
  • Certificates to all trainees

Proper proportion of courses designed to intensely train and practice.

0% Practical
Teaching standards with emphasizes practicality
to 80%

All teaching content is recognized by leading national organizations. Trained can practice effectively accurate and safe.

First Aid Courses 2022 standard

Learning basic first aid as necessary able to provide first aid in emergency case correctly and safely including practice with professional instructors.

CPR Resuscitation Course

What are relevant first aid international standards in abroad?

Standards Equipment

Students are exposed teaching materials as well as practice until you can do it correctly.

40 Items of First Aid that you should to learn

Basic and useful first aid that necessary.

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You know, it works! First Aid + CPR training course from SAFESISR, funny and tight skills.

Thammasat University

Training Workshop, Sophomore of Thammasat University Faculty of Chemistry.

PTT GCME Group companies

First Aid Training and CPR GC Maintenance and Engineering Co.,Ltd. (GCME).

PTT GCME Group companies

First Aid and CPR trainingThai Beverage Logistics Co., Ltd.

International standard First aid Course

For employees , students, people who interested  to apply  job or study abroad.

First aid Training


What would have been the end of Training.

Official a certification First aid and CPR training.

Certificate after training complete

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Certificate after training complete

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