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Announcement : Stop service Training courses Safety officer at work level Supervisor , Administration , Technical , Safety at work committee (COP)​

Occupational Safety Officer Course for Chief, Executive, CDC level and Technical level.

What does safety training course?

Learn about the roles of safety officers at different levels of work. as required by law and giving certificates to all trainees after training complete. Learned about techniques for planning for safety in their own organization, As well being able to analyze various problem to preventive as professional.

An officially authorized

Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

License number Jor Por. 63 – 010

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Safety Officer

Safety training in accordance with the new law 2022, In-house, In-house and Public courses, people organize a 40% discount promotion, learn techniques for managing security systems. and the roles and duties of the JP in accordance with the law, free study guides and give qualifications through training

Customers Safety and team always comes first + COVID19

Provide for prevention of covid-19. Screening and safe distance for customers before attend training service in every branch.

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In-House Occupational safety Training Course

Special 40% off

Occupational safety Chief level

Occupational safety officer course Chief level

safety officer in management level

safety officer Course in management level course

Safety Officer in Technical Level

Safety Officer Course in Technical Level

Safety Committee

Occupational Safety, Health and Working Environment Committee Course

Safety Training Public Course
December 2022

Area : Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Saraburi, Chonburi, Ayutthaya​

Safety Supervisor
Safety Management
Safety Technique
Safety committee


* Training for safety can be submitted to the Department of Skill Development.

Safety Training Ready to practice with international standard equipment

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  • Lectured by : Legally registered lecturer (Por.Por.Por. Course)
  • Course 1 class 20 people

What you will get after training
1. Instruction Manual
2. Certificate of certification through training

1. The above prices do not include Vat 7%.
2. The manual fee is included.
3. The certificate fee has been included.
4. Reservations for training courses for all levels of the Safety and Security Administration must be made at least 5 days in advance for the course. Safety Supervisors, Safety Management, Safety Technicians, and Security Safety Officers, establishments can be used for a 100% tax deduction (200%).

Everywhere is a classroom..

online safety course

Schedule for designation of Occupational safety

Proportion of designation for each level

Type of
Safety Chief
Safety advanced
Safety Officer
Safety Executive
Safety committee
> 2
> 200
> 20

How many members of safety committee and how many proportions of the safety committee ?
Answer here !

Ensure that you are trendy

with warning message

Start learning with us.. Guarantee that there is no out of trend with automatic notification system. There is important safety news through all communication channels E-mail, LINE, SMS, you will always be the first to know. And most importantly..... also free of charge.

Who is the Safety officer

Clear all questions about safety officers at all levels as required by law

Certificate after training complete.

Contact with specialist

Counselors and staff the online learning process How to use online program from start to finish / See you later.

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