Inspect, certify and maintain
from a team of professional engineers

international working standards

Trusted by 500+ leading national customers, leading companies by a team of professional engineers with state-of-the-art equipment and ISO 17025 calibration certified.

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Inspect, certify and maintain engineering in all types of industrial plants and residences, as well as issue reports to certify solutions, plan for repairs, fix various problems on the spot, keeping the customer's budget from escalating. Save costs and use devices with full efficiency.

Check, install, repair Fire Pump 35% discount

Check the fire extinguishing system. Fire water pressure test, NFPA standard, and issue an annual certification report and guidelines for improving the fire extinguishing system.

Annual : Inspect the main building for 5 years and issue a report certifying the inspection by a professional engineer.

Annual Building Inspection

Covid disinfectant spray