Electrical inspection

Electrical Inspection Maintenance Service Annual Electrical System Audit. Electric transformer inspection Maintenance of MDB, DB, check ground wire. Check the electrical system in building, general electrical. 

Why need to check electrical system?

International standards provide on inspection of electrical systems in establishments. This absolutely necessary in order not to cause a power failure while the power supply in progress. If there is a sudden power outage or This absolutely necessary  interruption while production process will do a lot of damage. Therefore, the electrical system should to be inspected for ensure that always available full efficiency. Electrical System Inspection Laws in Thailand require employers to conduct annual electrical inspections. According to the announcement of the Department of Industrial Works and the Department of Labor Protection Welfare Details of the various audits can be found below.

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Electrical Verification Service

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Annual Electrical Inspection


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Issue the Welfare Department report
Issue the Department of Factory report
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Modern inspection equipment

Documents in audited was prescribed by the Department of Welfare and the Department of Industrial Works. Also comply with Legal

Maintenance (PM)


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PM Transformer
PM Main Distribution Board (MDB)
ACB Functional Test
PM lightning rod system
Replace Transformer oil
Electrical equipment cleaning

Installation Maintain


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Factory electrical system maintenance
General electrical system maintenance
Operate general electrical system
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Electrical drawing service

Electrical drawing service Single Line Diagram Speedy and inexpensive for Electrical drawing services for government job and make electric circuit.

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Electrical system inspection as announcement of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare.

For occupational safety, Employer shall to arrange the inspection and maintenance the electrical and equipment system. At least once a year as well as record the results of the inspection and certification of the electrical and equipment system.

Ministerial Regulation Prescribing Safety Sections for Electrical Systems in Factories, 2007 (Ministry of Industry)

No.5 Entrepreneur must to arrange annual electrical inspection in the factory and ensure safety of electrical system. By an engineer or person assigned by the Minister from the examination and certification, which must be documented as evidence.

Household electricity inspection

Electrical inspection services for buildings, condos, shops, general residences

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8 Important tools for Electrical Inspection

  • Whole inspect system of  Single Line Diagram.
  • Inspect electrical installations as standards and laws.
  • verify selected of electrical equipments as engineering principles and industry standards.
  • Check out PM plan and electrical system maintenance.
  • Obtained signed by an electrical engineer.
  • Check life cycle of electrical equipments and instructive.
  • Introduction about manual for electrical systems and how to work with electricity safely.
  • Emergency plan for electrical accidents.

Standard Equipments

In addition of professional team, Inspection equipments  are also calibrated and certified from TIS 17025 (ISO/IEC 17025) 

PM Report
Digital clamp meter
Digital multimeter
Thermo scanner
Digital ground meter
Volt meter
Outlet meter
Resistance clamp meter

Thermoscan for Electrical System

Free unlimited Thermoscan

Electrical checking with a Thermoscan Taking thermal photo with modern infrared cameras.

Check the electrical system in your home. According to the standards along with solving and improvement for maintenance planning at point of view.

Capacitor inspection service


Check insulator and current of capacitor by professional.

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