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Crane inspection services to be available and safely.Cranes inspect comply with legally, also,Professional mechanical engineer take load test item as quality standard as ISO 9001:2015. We have service  throughout of Thailand.

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Crane verification service

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Stationary crane

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Mobile Crane
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What about Porjor.1, Porjor.2 ?

Someone may be wondering about Por jor 1, Por jor 2? Stand for what? How related laws or standards? Today we will let you to know about crane. Also known as Por jor 1 Por jor 2

Crane verification procedure

1. Crane structure check Main crane structure, welding path, Bolt and nut loosening

2. Crane power system check Lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, Powertrain and brake system, motor and power control.

3. Crane movement check Limit switches and lift control operating system.

4. Roller and wire rope check Wire rope diameter breakdown

5. Crane Brightness and sound alarm system the clear audible alarm system.

6. Load test by actual weight for safety lifting test

Standard Equipments

In addition of professional team, Inspection equipments are also calibrated and certified from TIS 17025 (ISO/IEC 17025)

PM Report
Digital hanging scales
Laser Range Meter
Digital Vernier
Digital Amp Meter
Sling groove measure
Crane cleaning kit
Metal Tape Measure

Professional engineering team with Modern Tools

Crane Maintenance Service

รList of Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Scope of support

Check main control board, remote control, inside and outside cleaning.
Check and clean the dirt in the wire rope groove with lubricant.
Lubricating hook to be able to easily turn around without friction and spring safety lat.
Check and tighten the important devices such as limit switches and other mounting points.
Clean the light/sound signal. Check the rotating light is in normal condition?
Check the power line. Also, keep clean and tidy.
Inspect crane structure/drop lubricant at critical points.
PM Reporting
Issue PM report with signed approve by mechanical engineer.

In green check mark as above chart , that mean our scope of work without additional cost. In different may be certain some conditions. Customers can direct contact our staff before take a services.

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Mobile Crane inspection

Mobile crane Porjor.2 Verification and certified from Professional Engineer with  standard equipment.

Hiab inspection

On site load  test comply with standard and propose corrective action for working safety

Is your area hard to reach?

Crane maintenance (PM) by all IRATA certified rope access teams in areas that are difficult to reach or where machines cannot be used to work at heights.

Crane Maintenance

  • Replace Galvanize wire rope
  • Debugging
  • Replace broken equipment
  • Lifting equipment maintenance

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