How to prepare for scaffolding training? Learn how to safely while work with scaffolding and how to use scaffolding equipment that operators can understand and work safely.

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Scaffolding installation and inspection techniques

Best techniques for installing different types of scaffolding and safety inspection before work starting. 


Learn how to install scaffolding like professional

Installation of assembled pipe scaffolding (British Standards)

Assembled pipe scaffolding is most popular in construction. Most of them are used to facilitate construction. Installation of assembled pipe scaffolding have many techniques that can be installed safely and inspections before use. Workers who work with assembly pipe scaffolding must have knowledge and understanding before installation.

Working with Japanese type of scaffolding

Japanese scaffolding It is another type of scaffolding that is convenient to install. It’s cheap and does not take long time to install. Precautions when working with this type due to low strength. Users need to be knowledgeable and trained to use properly and safe.

Professional intensive practice

Practice installing scaffolding with a trainer who closely advises. Practice using equipment to install scaffolding correctly. Selection of techniques includes inspecting scaffolding before operation.

International standard courses

All new fundamentals from beginning

Teaching content for students to start learning from basics til they can work properly. Which you do not need first basis.

Relay important techniques

How to install properly and safely Students can quickly install scaffolding like a professional.

How to install and Inspection

Learn the process of installing scaffolding and Inspection of Scaffolding properly as international standards.

Actual implementation process

Practice installing scaffolding properly. Learn how to work with scaffolding and how to use PPE properly and safely.

Learn scaffolding standards

Learning different types of scaffolding and how to choose right scaffolding for full efficiency each type of work.


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Scaffolding techniques

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